Rap Beef


Here we go again with more Hip-hop rap beef! 

I swear, rappers act like they’re still in high school to gain attention.

Or is it peer genius what they are doing?.

Let’s take machine gun kelly, for instance. He has built himself a nice following over the years. However, I feel his fan base was more significant in the past. With that being said, isn’t it funny how he decides to all of sudden attack Eminem?

I am not taking sides, but I think people should respect Eminem since he was the first white rapper to become an icon.

What’re your thoughts on that? Can we back up sometime?

Can we go back to when battling rappers were a sport? I 1000 % get it when you’re fighting to improve on your ideas.

Let’s be honest; freestyling can help improve your results as well help you explore topics that you never thought you could reach. I am not trying to sound like an older adult, but dam, these rappers today act like little ass kids. Where is the love, people?

I think some of these rappers need to watch Quincy Jones and learn from a genius.

They need to humble themselves and realize what a blessing it is to be able to create music full time.

I guess I am turning this article into my thoughts, today, but I am sick and tired of this shit! I remember when rappers would shake each other’s hand after they battled.

Now it’s I am going To do whatever, to gain as much attention as I can.

Look, I am too trying to gain as much attention as possible, but I instead gain attention that I can Look back on and say, I am proud of my self. I appreciate anyone who reads this and would love to know your thoughts as well. Feel free leaving your comment below.


How to start up a website for your music

 Are you trying to look like a professional music artist?

A great way to do this is to create your own website. Many have been asking us lately how to start one up and in today’s blog, we will give you the basics to start one up. You can either create the website yourself, which will be cheaper, or you can get a professional to create one for you.

Yes, you will have to spend money, but they will end up getting a much professional look for you and make you stand out from the crowd.

The first step is to HAVE A PLAN!!!!

Plan out what you want your website to look like and where you want everything to go.You want things like your Bio, a place where they can listen/buy your music, blog, upcoming shows, pictures, graphic header, etc…

If you are having a hard time with this part, think of you most favorite artist right now and check out their website. This will give you some idea of the things you can put on your website. After your done planning the next thing you need to do is to buy a domain name.

Where can you buy a domain name?  http://www.wordpress.com

From there you need someone to design your website.  We highly suggest getting a professional to do it because creating one yourself is a pain in the butt and doesn’t look so great. That is how our website started off, and we learned quickly that it is better to get someone who knows what they are doing.

How do you find your web host?

At the bottom of every website, it will usually show who has done their website. So maybe you stumble upon a really amazing website, and you are looking for something similar. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and usually, it will say who did the design.

We went through http://www.fastcomet.com

You will then talk to one of them about your plan.  Make sure you set your mailing list up on your website, so your fans can join. You need a pop up opt-in. If you are not sure how to do this, ask your web host if they can help you set it up.

The Biggest Music myth

 Music myth


How would you like if we reveal to you the biggest Music Myth in the world? I once too believed in this myth as a young producer.

But now after working with up and coming producers, Super producers, and everything in between I know the real! It’s a blessing because once you understand the way this thing truly works you can live the life you always dreamed of as a music artist.

Wake up and do music all day, while you sleep and make money all night.

What is the myth?



Now I’m sure you have heard someone spewing this nonsense

That’s what people who really have no clue about how the music industry or ANY industry works for that matter.

That line of thinking has come from people who generally work 9-5’s,  watch an episode of “Biography on Cable” and think a successful music artist life
a story can be told in 1 hour.

Generally, they skip over the years of struggle, building, Sleeping in the basement, etc…
Then, they skip over all the Marketing, Selling, and promoting they have not done.

I can tell you that the most successful music artists are good quality salespeople and marketers.

And that’s the part that generally gets left out.
Yes, you need hot music.  But that’s just one half of the equation.

Can you make all the money you want from music?  OF COURSE.

That’s the laws of the universe baby.  You can have whatever you desire.
But you still have to learn how and put in the time and effort.

But it’s all worth it in the end.

Remember, time is ticking so start

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Facebook ads for music artists

Learning the basics before you do a Facebook Ad:

Today, we will teach you how to successfully run a Facebook ad with only 5 dollars a day.

Facebook ads can be tricky to some people, and if done wrong, you will end up spending a ton of money and have no benefit with it.

When it comes to setting up your Facebook ad, you want to have it where they can like your fan page AND where they can visit your website to join your mailing list.

So what do you say in your ad?

You want your ad to be about topics that your fans like to talk about.  You want it to be real, personal, valuable, simple, gentle, likable, and raw.  Make it about them and how you can help them.

For example, I hear a lot of people say that they miss the old hip hop type of music, and if your music is similar to the old style, then you can run your ad about that.

“Do you miss that old school hip hop we had back in the day?  You had amazing artists like Tupac.  Let’s bring back that style of music.  Join my mailing list today for Free at (website) to support and hear my latest music to bring you back to those memories of why you love hip-hop in the first place.”  

Post with images gets shared the most.  Make sure you do not have more then 20% text in the image or Facebook will deny it.  For your image to fit, it needs to be 600×315.  You can also do videos.

Next, you want to find your highly targeted audience.  Many people mess this part up which ends up costing them.

A great question to ask yourself:  Who do you sound like?

You want to target your ads to other fan pages on Facebook.

Let us go back to our example.  If your music is similar to Tupac, then that is the fan page you want to target.  Maybe you want to target a fan page that is dedicated to Old school hip-hop.

Need more help in trying to figure out who you target?

You can either ask others who they think you sound like, or you can try researching on Facebook of other fan pages you can target.

You are basically looking for people who would be more likely to like your music, so you don’t want to target just anyone since not everyone likes the same type of music.

Make sure you target 250,000 to million people and it is located in the new feed.

This will give you the best results and save tons of money in the end.

Now that you know what to do, you will be able to successfully run a Facebook ad to gain new fans who are more likely to buy your music.

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How to create a title/lyrics that will go VIRAL for YOUR MUSIC!

Let me ask you a question, how do you come up with viral song lyrics?

Better yet, what about your lyrics?

What if I told you I have a smart idea for you that could help you get your songs to go viral a little faster?
I see people doing this with Blogs all the time, and one thing I have noticed is when someone writes something that is

trending, it almost always hits big.

When it comes to the internet, Google loves information that is trending and will reward those who are on the topic.

Before you sit down and write a song, look around.  What is something people are talking about?  Get on Facebook,
Twitter, heck even Google and look for similar things that a lot of people are talking about.

To make your life even easier, go to google trends  https://www.google.com/trends/

It will even tell you what people are searching for on Google.

My suggestion, upload the song to Youtube.  Why?

 It will be easier to do some SEO work with it or in other words, help people to find you.

Don’t forget to do your description, tags, and transcripts for SEO purposes.  This will tell
Google exactly what your song is all about since it can’t read video and then rank your song better which will give you a

better chance of people finding you.

If you don’t want to do a video, you can also write a blog about the song you just wrote with the link to your music.

Make sure it is very detailed. Having the lyrics on the blog will make it even better.

In the end, you will see a better response instead of just writing about whatever comes to you.

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Music Artists Get Fans To Your Website

Music artists contact me all the time & tell me they have the amazing music, awesome website, but for some reason still can’t get attention.

Don’t worry though

Just remember these 3 words, and you will be fine.


Having content on your website is very important and needs to be updated.

Pictures, videos, and flash players don’t count as content.

If this is all you have on your website, to the web crawlers, it looks as though there is nothing on your web page, and that is not good.

You have to tell the web crawlers what your website is and what value does it offer.

So what do you write about?

You can start with an “About me” page.  You can also have another page with lyrics to your songs.  Another page can be a blog.  You might want to add your videos to a page with a description of each video.

Be creative and have fun with it!

Blogs are great to have on websites since you have to update it and the more you update it, the more your web page will move up and will stay in the search engine.  Blogs also help with creating new fans. Update your content often to make it relevant.

You must be patient with it.   It will take a little time. Be consistent with it, it will grow faster.

And once you have been spending the time on it, you will no longer have to search for fans.  The fans will find you through the search engine!

Like I said before, Google can’t read your music flash player, so you must write in order for other people to stumble upon your music.


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How to Get Booked For More Shows

How to get booked for shows

Have you been stuck on how to reach more fans? Have you been looking for an easier approach when it comes to marketing your music? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Let’s get started!

You want to reach as many people as possible with your music.  This will increase your chance of success and live your dreams faster!

One thing you can do is find a local rapper/singer/or group who is already doing shows and have

fans already.  Then you can start building a business relationship with them.

Once you have formed a business relationship, ask them if you can open a show for them.

When at these shows, make sure you bring someone who supports your dream like a friend, family member, or spouse and asks them to help collect emails for you.

While you are performing, have them go around asking people for their email.

They could say something like:

“Would you like to join (insert name) mailing list?  It is completely free, and we would send you free downloads of their music, ticket giveaways, see when our next show is, how we are doing and much more…etc…”

If they say yes, they have some paper ready, so they can give you their name and email.

Before you know it, you will walk out of that show with a few more emails to keep in touch with your new fans.

For there you want to use this software to add them. This is the most effective way to market your music. Once you get this

system down you can spend more time making music.

Click here to see the service we use for email marketing!

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How to copyright music

how to copyright music

 Copyright music. Please help!

So you’ve worked hard to build up a catalog of music and now you want to earn from it by pitching it to artists, music supervisors, etc.

You get interested from an A&R, label, artist, or manager and they tell you that they want a CD or a link to download the tracks to

“pitch them”, “write to them”, “vibe with them” and see if they are interested In buying a track or tracks from you.

You’re excited right?!  But you’re worried…..why? Because you’ve worked so hard and what if they pull the age-old music industry

rule of stealing your music.  Well, you should be worried.

Theft in the music industry is common, people desperate for a hit have no problem stealing from a newcomer, it’s the rules of the

jungle in the industry.


We are not attorney’s if you have questions about legal issues related to your music please consult a legal professional.

Simple….copyright, copyright, copyright

Before you send any music off to anyone that is interested in doing business with you make sure that you copyright the music


It’s easy to copyright online now by going here: http://www.copyright.gov/

Now, if you have a group of beats that you want to copyright you can create a musical collection or 1 long song instead of

copyrighting all of the songs individually to save money and simplify the process,

but when a track is selected you will need to re-copyright the finalized song with the vocals and all of the updates.

If you copyright music you are safe, now that doesn’t mean that your music still won’t be stolen, but you will have legal

recourse if this happens….meaning you can sue them for damages and get what is owed to you.

There is a saying in this business……it’s 20% music and 80% business.   

You must take care of your business. Couple more tips on copyrighting music

1.)  You can’t copyright a song with a sample in it unless you

get the sample cleared. This is a big no-no that can cause you

some huge issues.

2.)  If you worked on the music with multiple people, make sure

to fill out a split sheet before submitting the copyright, and

give everyone their appropriate credit.

3.)  Keep your copyright documentation in a very safe place,

and label them clearly.

4.)  If you move, make sure you update your new address with

the U.S. Copyright Office.


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