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Sell Music Fast With These 5 Strategies

BY Jason Szklarek30-05-2017.
I’ve invested my money in mentors. I’ve been building my own online brand. When it comes to online marketing, I take it very seriously. Not to mention, I’ve seen the power of what you can do when you start to position yourself better. I’ve also wasted countless hours trying to build my own online brand. If you listen and take action. I know you will gain from what I’m about to tell you.  Let’s get started, shall we? If I had to start all over again, what would I have done differently?  Better yet, what steps would I have taken to start earning money from my music? My answer would be, start to think like an online marketer.  Let's be honest, everybody is online these days. Are you going to tell me that is hard to build a brand these days? Absolutely not. Here’s the problem, most artist spend their energy on the music, not the marketing.

What makes someone listen to a certain type of music?

BY Brett Cleveland29-05-2017.

How A Mentor Changed My Music Career

BY Brett Cleveland27-05-2017.

How to get people to listen to your music

BY Brett Cleveland26-05-2017.

How to get music gigs

BY Jason Szklarek27-02-2017.
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