How to copyright music

how to copyright music

 Copyright music. Please help!

So you’ve worked hard to build up a catalog of music and now you want to earn from it by pitching it to artists, music supervisors, etc.

You get interested from an A&R, label, artist, or manager and they tell you that they want a CD or a link to download the tracks to

“pitch them”, “write to them”, “vibe with them” and see if they are interested In buying a track or tracks from you.

You’re excited right?!  But you’re worried…..why? Because you’ve worked so hard and what if they pull the age-old music industry

rule of stealing your music.  Well, you should be worried.

Theft in the music industry is common, people desperate for a hit have no problem stealing from a newcomer, it’s the rules of the

jungle in the industry.


We are not attorney’s if you have questions about legal issues related to your music please consult a legal professional.

Simple….copyright, copyright, copyright

Before you send any music off to anyone that is interested in doing business with you make sure that you copyright the music


It’s easy to copyright online now by going here:

Now, if you have a group of beats that you want to copyright you can create a musical collection or 1 long song instead of

copyrighting all of the songs individually to save money and simplify the process,

but when a track is selected you will need to re-copyright the finalized song with the vocals and all of the updates.

If you copyright music you are safe, now that doesn’t mean that your music still won’t be stolen, but you will have legal

recourse if this happens….meaning you can sue them for damages and get what is owed to you.

There is a saying in this business……it’s 20% music and 80% business.

You must take care of your business. Couple more tips on copyrighting music

1.)  You can’t copyright a song with a sample in it unless you

get the sample cleared. This is a big no-no that can cause you

some huge issues.

2.)  If you worked on the music with multiple people, make sure

to fill out a split sheet before submitting the copyright, and

give everyone their appropriate credit.

3.)  Keep your copyright documentation in a very safe place,

and label them clearly.

4.)  If you move, make sure you update your new address with

the U.S. Copyright Office.


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