Facebook ads for music artists

Learning the basics before you do a Facebook Ad:

Today, we will teach you how to successfully run a Facebook ad with only 5 dollars a day.

Facebook ads can be tricky to some people, and if done wrong, you will end up spending a ton of money and have no benefit with it.

When it comes to setting up your Facebook ad, you want to have it where they can like your fan page AND where they can visit your website to join your mailing list.

So what do you say in your ad?

You want your ad to be about topics that your fans like to talk about.  You want it to be real, personal, valuable, simple, gentle, likable, and raw.  Make it about them and how you can help them.

For example, I hear a lot of people say that they miss the old hip hop type of music, and if your music is similar to the old style, then you can run your ad about that.

“Do you miss that old school hip hop we had back in the day?  You had amazing artists like Tupac.  Let’s bring back that style of music.  Join my mailing list today for Free at (website) to support and hear my latest music to bring you back to those memories of why you love hip-hop in the first place.”

Post with images gets shared the most.  Make sure you do not have more then 20% text in the image or Facebook will deny it.  For your image to fit, it needs to be 600×315.  You can also do videos.

Next, you want to find your highly targeted audience.  Many people mess this part up which ends up costing them.

A great question to ask yourself: Who do you sound like?

You want to target your ads to other fan pages on Facebook.

Let us go back to our example.  If your music is similar to Tupac, then that is the fan page you want to target.  Maybe you want to target a fan page that is dedicated to Old school hip-hop.

Need more help in trying to figure out who you target?

You can either ask others who they think you sound like, or you can try researching on Facebook of other fan pages you can target.

You are basically looking for people who would be more likely to like your music, so you don’t want to target just anyone since not everyone likes the same type of music.

Make sure you target 250,000 to million people and it is located in the new feed.

This will give you the best results and save tons of money in the end.

Now that you know what to do, you will be able to successfully run a Facebook ad to gain new fans who are more likely to buy your music.

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