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Free Beats Download And Marketing example

Free Beats Download And Marketing example

 Today, I want to tell you why you’re not making money off your music.  First off, if you are, congrats, this isn’t for you however, check out our main page for ten free beats download. One of the big reasons you can’t make any money off your music is your marketing plan.

A lousy marketing plan will always make you fail in the end.  For starters, you must still walk away with somebody’s contact info. Yes, we have said this in our other blogs, however, most of you are not doing this. Having someone’s contact info can gain you a potential sale in the future. 

From there, you will start to build a funnel system that can allow you plays, buys, as well as develop your social media. So, make sure you start thinking about your marketing plan. Second, why are most of you active on Facebook, Twitter, but have no website? If you do have a website, you must have a signup form for your fans.


Free Beats Download And Marketing example

Free Beats Download And Marketing example


Some type of incentive for them to put their contact info. Something like getting free beats to download this is the most significant missing step that most music artists still don’t seem to do. You could be way ahead of the game once you do this. Once you get people on your mailing list, you must build a relationship with them and then, from there, ask for the sale.  

Just putting people on your list isn’t going to make you a dime, and neither does emailing them once every six months.  It is like your friends.  You must keep in touch, or you’ll end up forgetting about each other. The third and final thing, start being more active on your youtube page. 

Put together something unique that will make you different from the crowd. In time, watch how many subscribers you will get. Most rappers just make tracks and beg people to listen to their music. Instead, give people a reason to check out your tube page. In other words, make sure people fall in love with your brand. 

Once you put all this in motion, there should not be any reason why you are not making any money.  You must set forth the work if you want this to become a reality and can take you years to get to where you want to be. Don’t waste time on things that don’t work, and start doing something that will put you in the right direction.

Free Beats Download And Marketing example

Here I did a video explaining how music artists can use these three tips to gain traction as a rapper. You being a rapper can tell your fans why you started and what motivated you to become a rapper.

The more unique you become with your story, the better results you shall receive with your music career. Yes, this will take a lot of work and discipline however, if you want to succeed an indie artist, I promise this is the way to build and dominate.

Everybody loves a great story, and most rappers are too lazy to tell their story and think that their music alone will save them, which Jayz, 50 cent, TI Etc all them had told their story and now they are moguls because of this. Another rapper to study is Mac Miller.

He uploaded a new video every single day on Youtube. Just imagine you upload a new video every single day for the next six months and have great titles and do a little research on what hip hop fans lookup in the google search engine. I promise you will take off and be the next superstar. How do I know please go to a website called ubersuggest and look at what this article I m doing gets per month.

Heck, I am even trying to rank for this keyword called free beats download because the keyword gets a lot of attention as well as its low competition. Do yourself a favor and study this tool. If you have any questions concerns or maybe there was something CronicBeats left out, feel free to drop your comments below and much success to you as well.


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