Music Artists Get Fans To Your Website

Music artists contact me all the time & tell me they have the amazing music, awesome website, but for some reason still can’t get attention.

Don’t worry though

Just remember these 3 words, and you will be fine.


Having content on your website is very important and needs to be updated.

Pictures, videos, and flash players don’t count as content.

If this is all you have on your website, to the web crawlers, it looks as though there is nothing on your web page, and that is not good.

You have to tell the web crawlers what your website is and what value does it offer.

So what do you write about?

You can start with an “About me” page.  You can also have another page with lyrics to your songs.  Another page can be a blog.  You might want to add your videos to a page with a description of each video.

Be creative and have fun with it!

Blogs are great to have on websites since you have to update it and the more you update it, the more your web page will move up and will stay in the search engine.  Blogs also help with creating new fans. Update your content often to make it relevant.

You must be patient with it.   It will take a little time. Be consistent with it, it will grow faster.

And once you have been spending the time on it, you will no longer have to search for fans.  The fans will find you through the search engine!

Like I said before, Google can’t read your music flash player, so you must write in order for other people to stumble upon your music.


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