How to Get Booked For More Shows

How to get booked for shows

Have you been stuck on how to reach more fans? Have you been looking for an easier approach when it comes to marketing your music? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Let’s get started!

You want to reach as many people as possible with your music.  This will increase your chance of success and live your dreams faster!

One thing you can do is find a local rapper/singer/or group who is already doing shows and have

fans already.  Then you can start building a business relationship with them.

Once you have formed a business relationship, ask them if you can open a show for them.

When at these shows, make sure you bring someone who supports your dream like a friend, family member, or spouse and asks them to help collect emails for you.

While you are performing, have them go around asking people for their email.

They could say something like:

“Would you like to join (insert name) mailing list?  It is completely free, and we would send you free downloads of their music, ticket giveaways, see when our next show is, how we are doing and much more…etc…”

If they say yes, they have some paper ready, so they can give you their name and email.

Before you know it, you will walk out of that show with a few more emails to keep in touch with your new fans.

For there you want to use this software to add them. This is the most effective way to market your music. Once you get this

system down you can spend more time making music.

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