How to Get Booked For More Shows

How to get booked for shows

Have you been stuck on how to reach more fans? Have you been looking for an easier approach when it comes to marketing your music? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Let’s get started!

You want to reach as many people as possible with your music.  This will increase your chance of success and live your dreams faster!

One thing you can do is find a local rapper/singer/or group who is already doing shows and have

fans already.  Then you can start building a business relationship with them.

Once you have formed a business relationship, ask them if you can open a show for them.

When at these shows, make sure you bring someone who supports your dream like a friend, family member, or spouse and asks them to help collect emails for you.

While you are performing, have them go around asking people for their email.

They could say something like:

“Would you like to join (insert name) mailing list?  It is completely free, and we would send you free downloads of their music, ticket giveaways, see when our next show is, how we are doing and much more…etc…”

If they say yes, they have some paper ready, so they can give you their name and email.

Before you know it, you will walk out of that show with a few more emails to keep in touch with your new fans.

For there you want to use this software to add them. This is the most effective way to market your music. Once you get this

system down you can spend more time making music.

Click here to see the service we use for email marketing!

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How to copyright music

how to copyright music

 Copyright music. Please help!

So you’ve worked hard to build up a catalog of music and now you want to earn from it by pitching it to artists, music supervisors, etc.

You get interested from an A&R, label, artist, or manager and they tell you that they want a CD or a link to download the tracks to

“pitch them”, “write to them”, “vibe with them” and see if they are interested In buying a track or tracks from you.

You’re excited right?!  But you’re worried…..why? Because you’ve worked so hard and what if they pull the age-old music industry

rule of stealing your music.  Well, you should be worried.

Theft in the music industry is common, people desperate for a hit have no problem stealing from a newcomer, it’s the rules of the

jungle in the industry.


We are not attorney’s if you have questions about legal issues related to your music please consult a legal professional.

Simple….copyright, copyright, copyright

Before you send any music off to anyone that is interested in doing business with you make sure that you copyright the music


It’s easy to copyright online now by going here:

Now, if you have a group of beats that you want to copyright you can create a musical collection or 1 long song instead of

copyrighting all of the songs individually to save money and simplify the process,

but when a track is selected you will need to re-copyright the finalized song with the vocals and all of the updates.

If you copyright music you are safe, now that doesn’t mean that your music still won’t be stolen, but you will have legal

recourse if this happens….meaning you can sue them for damages and get what is owed to you.

There is a saying in this business……it’s 20% music and 80% business.   

You must take care of your business. Couple more tips on copyrighting music

1.)  You can’t copyright a song with a sample in it unless you

get the sample cleared. This is a big no-no that can cause you

some huge issues.

2.)  If you worked on the music with multiple people, make sure

to fill out a split sheet before submitting the copyright, and

give everyone their appropriate credit.

3.)  Keep your copyright documentation in a very safe place,

and label them clearly.

4.)  If you move, make sure you update your new address with

the U.S. Copyright Office.


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Songcast is a Great Choice For Music Distribution

With so many online music distribution companies which one should you go with? That’s a great question to ask. Today we will review a company we believe is easy to setup as well can help you earn money from your music.
While not the only music distribution service on the internet, SongCast is streamlined and affordable, so artists and labels can easily release their albums and singles to the world’s largest music retailers.
SongCast has worked with everyone from iTunes and Napster to Amazon and Rhapsody, so we know what it takes to distribute
your music alongside some of the today’s most popular artists, What’s more, SongCast will ensure that your monthly accounting
is timely and accurate, and that you get to keep 100% of all royalties received from the music retailers.
Instead of burdening you with long-term contracts and hidden fees, SongCast makes sure that you can focus entirely on music
distribution. While other companies might only be interested in their own success, if you sign up with SongCast, we promise that
our services will not only provide you with helpful guidance but will also allow you to sell your music online knowing that the
entire music distribution process is being covered from A to Z.
Don’t Wait Any Longer. Sell Your Music Today!
If you have ever wondered how to promote your music online, there is no need to continue your search. SongCast makes music
distribution easy, with a step-by-step process that any artist can master.
Stop hesitating and wondering – setup your account today and start submitting your albums to the world’s most popular music
retailers. Before you know it, you can sell your music online and begin collecting royalties along with thousands of other artists and
labels that use SongCast each and every day!

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Sell music online? Give, Give, Give/ help others/engage

Always be a giver

Ready to sell music online? Ready to have that fan base you have always desired?
Today’s blog will help you out the win!
When you start building your fan base, you have to remember the importance of giving back to your community, fans, as well as keeping them engaged with your brand. I always tell people is a role model is the best way to get people to follow your brand.
You must be the person that can always set the example for the crowd.
When people feel like you’re going out of your way to the help them, at the end of the day, they will always remember your name.
It will always be that little piece of info that changed their approach. When you keep engaging the right message, your fans will always come back. They also will support everything you do.
If you haven’t tried this, go do this once you’re done watching this video. The next time you’re out doing a performance stop the show in the middle. Thank everyone for coming out to your show. Make sure you are so sincere about this.
 People will remember you as well support and become a big fan of yours.
At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with telling people how much this music means to you. Also, before your show is finished ask people what you can do to better their lives.
What rapper/singer ever asks people what they can do to better the lives of others.
Once you can relate to people as well get on their level, you will always be able to sell your music online!
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Making Money with your music! Have you tried building your own email list?

Your mailing list is one of your most important pieces into making money with your music.

Without it, you will end up struggling, unfortunately.

With email being the number 1 way to convert, it truly outshines Facebook, Twitter, and all social media sites.

It reaches more people than you ever could on any other social media site.

Now I’m not saying do not use social media.

You can still get fans by using it.  You can reach more than double the amount of people than you can on social media, and that is why we stress it so much.

To get people to listen to your music, you must get them hooked and connected.

Check out this short video:

How to introduce your fans to your music:

A great email idea is to tell your story.

What is your song about? What inspired you to write this song?

You want people to develop a connection with the song.You want to create a visualization in the mind of your listeners. Be in depth about it but also brief and to the point.

Another great thing to add is the lyrics to your song. Let them feel the emotion of your words to draw them into every single sentence.Let them feel that empowerment.And lastly, do not forget the link to your music.

With this technique, you will have a much better response from your fans and in the end, more people will listen to your work. The end result, you’re making money with your music!

Did this blog help you out? Please share your comments.

We would love to hear your thought’s on today’s blog! And remember, you must always strive to give your fan’s an experience of a lifetime. An experience can turn into a buying fan for life!

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Sell Music Fast With These 5 Strategies

Hello, I’m Jason Szklarek owner of Cronicbeats. I have essential tips that will help music artists and music producers.

These online strategies will sell music fast! Why should you listen to me?

Sell Music

I’ve invested my money in mentors. I’ve been building my online brand. When it comes to online marketing, I take it very seriously. Not to mention, I’ve seen the power of what you can do when you start to position yourself better.

I’ve also wasted countless hours trying to build my online fanbase. If you listen and take action,

I know you will gain from what I’m about to tell you.

Let’s get started, shall we? If I had to start all over again, what would I have done differently? Better yet, what steps would I have taken to start earning money from my music?

My answer would be, begin to think like an online marketer. Everybody is online these days. Are you going to tell me that it is hard to build a brand these days? Here’s the problem, most artist spend their energy on the music, not the marketing.

Does that sound like you? If so, pay attention. I’m going to dive deep into what it takes.

Step one: Finding your target audience.

Use this to help you out:

Sell music

Start by researching what keywords your audience is searching. Did you know you can Target those keywords using

Facebook ads, Google AdWords, as well as Instagram? Just imagine you knew which keywords received the most clicks. You would be ahead of most music artists. Once you understand precisely where your audience is all you have to do is target them.

Just imagine, you knew which blogs were hot. Knowing your keywords is everything if you want to be successful online.

Yes, I’m building my whole online empire because I know what keywords to target.

 This keyword tool can seem very confusing at first, but once you dive deep, it starts to become more comfortable to use. Not to mention it’s game-changing once your actual do the research most music artists have no idea who their target audience is.

So stop right now, and go figure out which keywords to target.

Step Two: Email Marketing “sell music”

Sell music

Did you know email marketing is still the most advanced tool to this day? Just look at some numbers from one of our campaigns.

We had over 747 opens, which 127 clicked through. Are you telling me you can’t make money with those numbers?

Click this now. Email marketing has changed the way we do business in a significant way. You can write pre-made emails, and you can see exactly how your audience responds.

Having data is the most powerful thing when running your own music company. Learn how to use this tool correctly and watch how your fan base will explode.

Step 3: Create Your Opt-In Form “sell music”

Sell music

Now you know who your targeted audience is. You also have AWeber which allows you to market to your fans.

Now you need to build an opt-in form. This form collects their first and last name as well as their email. It’s simple and easy to use.

Check it out today at

Step 4 Build Your Autoresponder “sell music”

Sell music

This step goes back to step two. However, it makes sense to do this step now. Building your autoresponder will allow you to work on music longer. It will also allow you more free time once you set it up.

Just imagine that you have pre-made emails already set up. Just imagine every single person who joins your email list that goes through this system. Yes, you can build relationships much faster and productive this way.

This tool right here will save you a lot of time. It will also make you a lot of money if you use this properly.

Step 5: Running Ads “sell music”

sell music

Here’s one of the many ads we have set up. Now that you have found your targeted audience and understand email marketing,

as well as build your opt-in form, it is now time to start building your first ad.

Running ads that are laser targeted will increase your chances of making money as well as creating that

massive fan base you have always wanted much easier.

Since you have done the homework researching these keywords, this step will be effortless.

There it is. You now have five steps that will help you build your massive fan base.

I know this seems like a lot of work. However, do you want to cut out the middleman?

Do you want to take 100% responsibility for your music? Only you will know this.


If you need help, please

schedule a call below.


“Music lovers” What makes someone listen to a certain type of music?


music lovers

“Music lovers”

What makes someone listen to a certain type of music?

Feelings and emotions are the centers to the above questions.   People like to feel certain emotions while others will try to avoid others.  Some might feel as though a certain song may cause certain memories or emotions to trigger and fall away from those.

You may hear things like, that sounds boring, gay, too happy, too sad, too angry, or whatever the reason may be why they might not like a particular song.  A song they might hate might be a song that might be someone’s favorite.  Are we as human beings afraid to feel certain emotions and what has to lead us down this road?

One might question that whatever has happened to us in our lifetime is the reason behind all of this. Maybe they hang out with a certain group of people and are too afraid to be thought of a nerd if they like something different from them.  It could also be that we as a society have trained our people to be a certain way.  A man is supposed to be manly and does many things while women are supposed to be girly and do girly things.  This type of programming can affect the way someone views the world. Do you agree on music lovers?

We have programmed men that they aren’t supposed to like anything associated with anything girly and the same goes for women.  If you do, then there must be something wrong with you as so society has said.  If this is the case, then this would affect one’s perspective when it comes to music.

Could this perspective hurt us and our creativity?  If you are constantly listening to the same type of music verse someone who listens to a wide range of music, then would the second person become more creative in the end?  Listening to a wide range of music could open you up to new possibilities that you may have never thought about.  Music is always changing and for it to change, it needs new ideas.  To gain new ideas, one must encounter all possible scenarios.  The more you consume it, the more ideas that will be brewed.

I guess in the end when it all comes down to it, make sure to be true to you and don’t be afraid to feel certain things or do certain things.  Trying new things don’t have to be a bad thing.  It for sure makes life much more interesting, then doing the same thing all the time.   Don’t let certain music or style scare you.  Be daring, because you don’t know what you may find or discover about a particular song.  It may make you learn something and trigger some creativity that could really enhance your life music lovers!

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Mentor Changed My Music Career


Hey, it’s Jason Szklarek back with another blog. I’m very happy to bring this info for you today.

Today’s topic is, how a mentor changed my music career. The smartest thing I did last year was hiring Jermaine Griggs. For those of you who don’t know, he’s an online mentor. He’s the reason I’m selling more beats online as well-being being a better person.

I challenge you to find a mentor in 2017 if you really want to be successful. Just imagine,

you find someone who is already successful. They already have done all the homework. It’s pretty much a win, win situation for you.  You could always keep trying yourself, but I know you’re smarter than that.

You see, there are tips and strategies that you can use every day to build your fan base even further. Yes, we all know about Facebook ads. However, what’s the correct way to go about using that platform? You see if you knew the answers to something like that it could really benefit you to the next chapter of your music career.

I mean why would you just want to post your music if you have no fans. You probably would be the same person who thinks nobody will support my music dream.  I really hate if that person is you. Yes, I know what that feels like, trust me.

Another great benefit for hiring a mentor is the one on one approach. Just imagine, you being able to ask questions directly to the main source.  Come on now, that’s priceless. Again, this person has done all the homework already for you. All you have to do is copy and paste his or her program.  I’m keeping this blog post simple and sweet, however, If you need mentorship I can personally help you out a win. Contact me today at [email protected]

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