How to get people to listen to your music

Today, we will talk about how to get people to listen to your music. I know every day is a struggle trying to get people to listen to your music.

It can also be frustrating as a music artist trying to get people to like you and your music. So what are ways you can encourage your potential fans into checking you out?

1)  Share your story

Maybe this could be a possible Facebook status or a likely email idea to your current fans. Set the stage by telling people the story behind your music.What encourage you or inspired you to write this song.

 Is there a story behind it. Let your fans connect with you on an emotional level and bring the value into what you do.  When people can relate to you, they will want to listen more and more likely to check out your music.

2.  People will most likely buy from people they like

An online presence is more important than ever before to the artist.  Since the majority of your fans will never meet you face-to-face, it is essential to build a good reputation online.Yes, there are a ton of artist out there, so how do you encourage people to become a fan of yours? People like other people, because of how they feel about them. Maybe it is because of your personality that sparks them.

Perhaps it is because you are so passionate about making music. Maybe you inspire those people through your words.

Maybe you are a good storyteller. Perhaps it is your charisma. Knowing YOU can make a big difference in how to get people to like you. What is your best quality about yourself and use that to attract potential fans?

The first thing people will notice is YOU before your music. If they like you, they will be more willing to check out your music.

3.  People buy from people they trust

If people like you already, they are more likely to tell another ten more people about you.  If Jill likes your music and says her friend that they should check it out, well then her friend trust Jill enough to go check out your music. If you deliver what was expected, you gain confidence.  People come back to people when they know what to expect. So keep giving your fans what they want.

4. Be Social

Your potential fans also want to be heard.  Connect with them. Read what they have to say.  Comment, like and share, and maybe they will return the favor. Wouldn’t you be most likely to check out someone else’s music if they are always connecting with you? You can connect with others through Forums, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.…

The possibilities are endless. If someone comments on your YouTube, blog, music, Facebook, Twitter, etc.… respond. Be sure to create an online home, so people will know where to find you and your music, which is your website. Maybe you will want to put a Facebook comment feed on your website to encourage more connection with your fans. Don’t forget that mailing list either, so you can keep continuing to build a relationship with your fans.

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How to get music gigs

Music Gigs: 

One thing you can do is find a local rapper/singer/or group who is already getting music gigs and have fans already. Then you can start building a business relationship with them. Once you have formed a business relationship, ask them if you can open a show for them. When at these shows, make sure you bring someone who supports your dream like a friend, family member, or spouse and ask them to help collect emails for you.

music gigs

While you are performing, have them go around asking people for their email.

They could say something like: “Would you like to join (insert name) mailing list? It is completely free, and we would send you free downloads of their music, ticket giveaways, see when our next show is, how we are doing and much more.etc.”

If they say yes, then have some paper ready, so they can give you their name and email.
Before you know it, you will walk out of that show with a few more emails to keep in touch with your new fans.

For there you want to use software to add them. This is the most effective way to market your music. Once you get this system down you can spend more time making music. At the end of the day, we all would love to create music all day. Having certain systems in place allows you to reach this desire much faster. After watching our video make sure you check out this link to start having the internet work for you.

I would love to hear your feedback on strategies you have used or strategies you plan on using in the future to ensure your chances of getting more music gigs. Keep building and never give up on your dream! If you need high-quality instrumentals

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