Rap Beef


Here we go again with more Hip-hop rap beef! 

I swear, rappers act like they’re still in high school just to gain attention.

Or is it peer genius what they are doing?.

Let’s take machine gun kelly for instance. He has built himself a nice following over the years, however, I feel his fan base was bigger in the past. With that being said, isn’t it funny how he decides to all of sudden attack Eminem?

I am not taking sides, but I think people should respect Eminem since he was the first white rapper to become an icon. What’re your thoughts on that? Can we back up sometime? Can we go back to when battling rappers were a sport?  I 1000 % get it when you’re battling to improve on your ideas.

Let’s be honest, freestyling can help improve your results as well help you explore topics that you never thought you could reach. I am not trying to sound like an old man, but dam, these rappers today act like little ass kids. Where is the love, people?

I think some of these rappers need to go watch Quincy Jones and learn from a genius.

They need to humble themselves and realize what a blessing it is to be able to create music full time. I guess I am turning this article into my thoughts, today, but I am sick and tired of this shit! I remember when rappers would shake each other’s hand after they battled. Now it’s I am going To do whatever, just to gain as much attention as I can.

Look, I am too trying to gain as much attention as possible, but I rather gain attention that I can Look back on and say, I am proud of my self. I appreciate anyone who reads this and would love to know your thoughts as well. Feel free leaving your comment below.

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