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Our Sample Pack Will Have Labels And Tv Music Supervisors Knocking Down Your Door

 Do you wish you could have a sample pack for Trap, Hip Hop, West coast, Talkbox, and Rnb chords as well drums ?


If so, then we have the perfect solution for you.

Download the Independence loop kit , which includes over 610 Complex Chord Progressions as well midi and drum loops. All 100% Royalty FREE.  

Creating beats has never been easier with..

  • A drag and drop sample pack into your favorite Daw to start a song when having beat block.
  • Need a dope Talkbox, live Guitar or some modern day keys? Drag the Independence sample pack into your favorite Daw.
  • Take your melodies to the next level with musicians who have over 20 years with creating music.
  • Are you good at creating drums but need some dope melodies? Drag in an Independence loop kit.
  • Maybe you need full construction kits. We also added drum loops, keys, 808, and baseline in some of our kits to help you map out your beat much faster. 

On top of that, THE Independence sample pack will help you..

  • Get an INSTANT SURGE of creativity.
  • Quickly start and finish beats faster so you can release more instrumentals.
  • Eliminate the need for complex music theory so you can focus on your music production. 
  • Have the top music supervisors knocking down your door.
  • Go beyond the same old boring lame chords and drums.
Independence sample pack

On top of that, the Independence sample pack will help you...

Find the sound that separates amateurs from the pros. 

Eliminate the need for complex music theory so you can focus on what matters most.


After investing in the Independence Sample Pack, you will gain access and receive your download link immediately.

Below is what your Independence loop kit will look like after purchase.

This Sample Pack Will Transform Your Music Production Career Listen Now! ???

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