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Upload your tracks to [email protected]  using www.wetransfer.com  Please read the following instructructions carefully so we can get your tracks mixed and mastered on time.

The most common cause for delayed return is the incorrect formatting of Project files: Make sure your tracks are dry, meaning “NO EFFECTS” like reverb or compression. 

If your recorder with Pro Tools, you can send the whole session folder (which included the Pro Tools session file and the audio files folders).

If you record with any other program, please export the separated tracks (like lead vocals, like libs, etc).     

Please render all the tracks for the beginning, so that each track lines up at the beginning of the song.

Meaning if you verse starts 2 minutes into the song, there should be exactly 2 minutes of silence on that track before I hear your voice.

Please only send the stereo, two track instrumental (See additional services below if you would like for us to mix instrumental stems.

The typical turnaround time is 3 days to 1 week per song. Please put all of your project files into one folder and title the folder with the name of the song.

Zip up the folder. (Do not upload individual tracks) Let me know if you have any other questions.

Best, Jason Szklarek

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