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    Get 58 Hip Hop, Trap, West coast Beats
  • You will get hip hop, Westcoast, trap, RnB, and pop beats.
  • The contract included letting you know you can sell unlimited copies.
  • Keep 100% of your profits, royalties, and publishing!
  • FREE BONUS #1: Free Strategy Session With Jason
  • FREE BONUS #2: Self-Made Classic: How to drop a great project on a tight budget

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  • Unlimited Membership 
    Get 58 Hip Hop, Trap, West coast Beats
  • High Quality Wave File
  • Keep 100% of your profits, royalties, and publishing!
  • FREE BONUS #1: Free Strategy Session With Jason
  • FREE BONUS #2: Self-Made Classic: How to drop a great project on a tight budget
  • Get up to 5,000 Streams with Basic License

       Meet The Owner Of CronicBeats

Hey Whats up! My name is Jason Szklarek  and I'm the CEO of CronicBeats. 


I'm excited for you to download your myfreebeats package   so we can start working together ASAP!

 First, let me quickly introduce myself and show you how to get the most out of these beats. ?

Over the past decade, I've gotten a lot of Tv and Film placements

and have been creating a full time creating beats for over two years now.

Here's the crazy thing.



    I started to change my mindset and learn sales funnels learn email copyright tips learn how to do Facebook ads properly.

 That is when everything turns for me because I am now in charge of my destiny. 

I believe everyone with talent should live off their music and not to mention some who has a burning desire to create music.

 I have been producing beats for over 15 years, and the love is still there. 

I think you can see that I'm not like most producers who just wanna sell you some beats and never hear from you. 

Instead I love creating long lasting, meaningful working relationships with motivated artists.

If that's you, we're going to do some big things together. ?

The CronicBeats 1000% Guarantee

(Approximately TEN TIMES better than anyone else's)

If for any reason you decide these beats and the Straggly Session  aren't for you in the next 30 days, shoot me an email at [email protected]  

I'll send you your money back on the spot.  There's absolutely no risk for you. 

 I don't want anything to stand in the way of you jumping on this opportunity today and making some hits so we can both win.

Time Is Running Out

⚠️ Heads up tho - I can't keep this offer up for much longer.

A lot of artists have paid the normal price ($100.00) for unlimited rights to my beats,

and it's not really fair to them to keep give away these beats at such a huge discount.

✅ If this page is still up, then the offer is available for the moment.

But...once it's gone. It's gone forever.

Life is hard for almost every one no matter the shape or fashion. But every now and then something amazing happens, and it makes all the BS feel like it was worth it. Well that's how I felt when I started working with Jason @cronic_beats. He made feel like it was all worth it. It was the first time in my life that I made a song and knew right then and there that it would change people's lives all over the world. How can you Thank someone for that? ? 


Wax A Don

Rap Artist

Jason's tracks are "SOUL WORTHY", and I have been Inspired by the "SOUND CRAFTINESS". I have NEW SONGS that were BERTHED IN MY MIND and HEART from hearing HIS MUSIC that previously didn't exist. Waiting for more to lace "MY JOURNALISM TO"!!!!


Anthony R. Horn 

Rap Artist

This company is a combination of quality, knowledgeability, reliability with consistency on delivering these qualities to their clients. I am completely satisfied in ALL of the business I’ve done with them! Thank you!


Zach Moder

Rap Artist

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