Why you need a fan base if you ever want a record deal


Have you ever seen the show Shark Tank? If you haven’t seen it…
People come in there with their inventions asking these multi-millionaire entrepreneurs for some money to help launch their products.

Some of these people have already made money on their products while others did not.
When they hear that these people have not made any money, they always turn them away.
If they don’t see dollar signs, then they don’t want to work with them.
And if they do say yes to your product (that has already made money), then they now own you and get to make money off your product.

What am I getting at? That show is exactly like the Record companies!
If you are one of those people who does not have a fan base nor made any money off your music, they will just turn you away, because they are all about their money.
They want to know if you are going to make them more money.
But by the time you do start making money off your music, why would you want to set up a deal with them anyways?

They will just own you, collect money off you, tell you what to do with your music and etc…
Macklemore did it without a record deal and so can you!
So when we give you an idea of how to market your music, make sure you do it.
It will only help you out in the end.
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